Mk Precast Wooorld

1st Precast Company In Hyderabad

The recession of 2008 promptad tha builders to seek cost cutting measures in construction. Precast technology was seen as heaven sent in reducing costs without compromising on quality issues. MK Precast Solutions is the first company in Hyderabad to offer affordable solutions in Precast products. Esablished in 2010, MK pioneered Precast technology with latest machinery and skilled workforce to build stronger and faster. Ever since, the company has grown multi-fold around customer Satisfaction.


To be a leader in construction industry by offering value through superior solutions and services in precast technology to build stronger and faster at a reasonably cheaper cost.


We endeavour to achieve our vision by creating a congenial environment for our workforce and encourage them to realîza their full potential. We constantly seek to upgrade our technologies and motivate our workforce to deliver the best for a rewarding experience.